Why Blogging With Blogger.com

What is Blog?
Actually the name Blog was came from the word Web Log.The uses at that stage of blog was only to manage personal dairy. But gradually people started using it commercially. Now a day blogs are using to various commercial purpose like to publish news, information or personal and organizational website.
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Why Blogging?
As I said, blogging platform has become commercial. people are making money with it. Here should be a question!  How they are making money? Yes, there are lots of way to make money with a blog. But the basic is create a blog from any free or pro blog service provider like Blogger, WordPress etc.
Then start writing articles and share those on your newly created blog. after that people will come and visit your blog to read those articles. That’s it!
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 A lots of advertisers are looking for those type of blogs which one have visitors like yours. Now deal with advertiser, publish their ads with your articles and earn money from them.
In this case you are playing a role of marketing media and that is why you are making money. Hope, I was cleared enough to make you understood.

Why Blogging with Blogger?
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There are so many providers who will give you chances to create a free blog with them and host your blog and contents for free. Here is some popular free blog hosting sites:
And 100+ like this.
Now the point is why with Blogger.com . the most common answer of this question should be because it’s a concern of Google.com. yes it is! But also there is some another major reasons to stat with blogger.com .
Blogger.com is only the site which one is providing the maximum free facilities that are needed to create and host a blog.
With a blogger account you will get 10 GB of free hosting space and a .blogspot.com domain (You can change this domain with your custom domain name anytime), a great collection of ready made templates to chose from, free real time analytics of your blog etc. and the only thing you need to open a blogger account is a Gmail account.
If you do have a Gmail account you may proceed to open an account and start blogging with blogger.com today.
See how to open a blogger account in my next article!

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