What is SEO? Why & How Does it Works?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization means some rules about standards of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. almost every rules are about to take your site in the first page of search results.
what and why seo
If you can follow the SEO rules perfectly, then search engines should like your website and give you the page rank. it can generate unlimited traffic/visitor for your website. Once you get the traffic, logically the money is on the way to you!

As a say, if I want to download a mp3 song from internet, what would I do? I’d definitely search on Google first. Not only me, but also almost everyone will do the same.

Now, when I press ‘search’ button after typing some keywords I can see some 5 or 10 results with some website address!

Finally the question is, why this 5 or 10? why not the next 5 or 10 or rest? This is the meaning of SEO, if you do your SEO well then your website will be on the first page of search results.  And be noted on first page means a huge traffic/visitor for your website.

The SEO has divided by 2 category:

         On-Page / Internal SEO
         Off-Page / External SEO

Actually on-page SEO means what you are telling about your website to the audience and off-page SEO is what audience are telling about your website out there.

Why should SEO Needed?
There are 2 types of search results:

1. Organic search results.
2. Paid search results.

Our target is to be into organic search results, because its free. all we learning about seo is for this. If you want to use paid search then nothing to learn about just try Google Adword and you are done.

How Does SEO Works?
Basically search engines works based on two components:

Crawler : Crawler collects information from websites by using spider, robot/bot. and submit them to Search Engine.

Algorithm : Search Engines analyze collected information with algorithm according to any website content, keyword relevancy, quality. And give them ranking. This rankings decide which website will be on first page.
Dear, this is just a basic concept of SEO, A lot more to come. Stay connected with us! till that you can read out the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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