5 Key Benefits of Using Blogger As your Blogging Platform

There are lots of blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, TypePed, Live Journal, Open diary, Xanga etc. Now the question is, why am I preferring you blogger to choose then others as your blogging platform?

Yes, by this article I’ll give you 5 best reasons to choose blogger as your blogging platform to start your first blog.
Benefits of Blogger.com
Free platform
Blogger.com is the only place where you can have all the features you need to start blogging at 100% free. By opening an account with blogger you should have your free blogspot domain name, 10GB+ Google hosting and off course a complete dashboard with every real time traffic data analytics of your blog.

Safe & Secure
I didn’t heard anything that someone has hacked Google ever or something like that. Did you?
May be not, because there is questions about the Google security services. In blogger you are more than  safe and secure. Your blog and its contents are 100% safe with blogger until you share your password with someone else.

Very Easy Interface
Blogger have a very user friendly interface to navigate all the options and blogging functions. For a beginners I think there is no other platform that are easier than blogger. you can edit or customize your blog in most easiest way in blogger.
And blogger has already made their platform SEO friendly, that is why you don’t need to have professional skills about SEO to start blogging.

Blogger will allow you to have maximum customizations in your free blog There is no other platforms that allows customization as much blogger do. You will have the authority to customize almost everything that you have in blogger blog.

Powered by Google
The last thing is you are going to have business with Google. You will no have any question about any services they provide. Because still out their Google is the best. They have no bindings to provide more and most features to you.

I hope you have already got the massage, why are you going to open up your first blog with blogger.com!
Good luck and stay with us to have more suggestions to make yourself successful in blogging. Thank you.

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