How To Add New Plug-In/Widget/Gadget To Blogger template

To make a blog user friendly, easy to navigate or just beautiful you can use thousands of cool blogger widget or gadget. You can show up any third party website content on your blog sidebar like photo slide show, blog list, flash video, social sharing options, news subscribe button etc. using a single blogger widget.
add blogger widget

Blogger has some default widgets those will allow you to use some common features. Some of them could be already added in your blog template. If not, you can add a widgets from Google blogger widget store by following this direction..

Step 1: Log in to your blogger account using username and password. Once you logged in make sure that you are on your blogger Dashboard.

add blogger widget step1
Step 2: Now navigate to the layout page and it will take you to the page where you can see, organize or manage your blogger blog page elements like widgets, scripts, etc. to add a new widget click on the following link indicating bellow.
add blogger widget step2
Step 3: once you click on that link, a new window will pop-up/open. And take you to the blogger widget list page. Now find your widget or gadget by scrolling down the page and click add button.
add blogger widget step3
Step 4: set preferences of your gadget or widget and hit save button. And finally Save new arrangements on your layout page.
add blogger widget step4

Your page elements will be add to your page layout.

How to Add a Custom Blogger Widget/Gadget:

Except those widgets you have seen in blogger default widget list you can use any other custom third party  blogger widget like Facebook/Twitter social plug-ins as like box, buttons, etc or self designed plug-ins using blogger HTML and Java Script widget.

The HTML and JavaScript widget can be found by clicking on "Add a Gadget" from the Blogger Layout screen(Step-2).
add blogger widget step5
If you have done, you can see your new look of your blog by using preview option or opening up your blog link in a new browser tab.

Still confused? Let me handle your problem. Just leave your problem in the comment box bellow and I’ll get back to you immediately! Thank you.

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