7 Key Tips To Start As A Good Professional Blogger

Professional blogs means, quality blog. high traffic, best search engine visibility, regular and loyal visitors, and finally a very good revenue from that blog.
7 tips for professional blogging
What is the difference between a normal blogger and a professional blogger? You should have noticed there are thousands of blogs out there. Some of them are normal or privet blogger who just blogging as a hobby. 
But some of them are professional, they run their blogs for professional purpose like as a career or earn a good extra money.

Making a professional blog was never easy. But if you can follow some golden rules of blogging then nothing will stop you to be a professional blogger.

Here I have point out 7 key tips:

1. Chose a best topic for your blog: Never be in a hurry when you choosing your blog topic. Take your time, search internet, ask your friends, discuss with peoples about your primary topics. Ask yourself! What you know best and can share with people as they can got helped.

2. Check out the popularity of you topic: you should have some primary ideas or topics after first part. Now check out the public popularity of your topics. Find out which one is most popular and peoples are searching on internet.

3. Measure your skill on this topic: If you have found a topic, never forget to judge yourself how skilled you are o this topic. Learn more on this topic if possible.

4. How much search volume are generating on this topic: Finally come online, check out how much people are searching this topic everyday on Google, bing, or other search engine. This is important, if people don’t search for your topic, search engines will not offer your site for then and logically your blog will not be visited and you will not be profited.

5. Design: many people doesn’t care about this, but this is matter. Chose a simple, cool and light design for you blog. always remember that never chose any template that are so have and load slowly. This will irritate you visitors and makes them to never come back. Always ,make sure that your blog are loading fast , simple, user friendly and easy to navigate.

6. Quality content: this is the main key of your success. Always write extra ordinary and unique  things in a better way. If needed, learn more about this. But never copy from others. And of course write consistently for your blog like at list 2 post in a week.

7. Marketing/ Advertising: this is as important as other subject. Advertise your blog in social medias like facebook, twitter, Google, Orkut, etc. use signature with your blog URL. Comment on other blogs. Tell people directly and ask them to visit your blog.

Finally never give up. There is always a way out! And never forget to ask me for any kind of relevant help. I am always ready to help you.

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