10 Must See SEO Tips For Beginners!

‘Search Engine Optimization’ The SEO_ is the most important blogging part to be strictly followed if you want success in your professional blogging career. 
 search engine optimization
Many types of SEO rules are following out there by the web masters like On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Black Hate SEO, Gray Hate SEO, White hate SEO etc . But the moral of the all SEO is to be in the list of search engines and get traffic/visitors from there. Gradually I’ll discuss about every types of SEO and how to apply their rules.

In this article I am pointing out some SEO tips that should be followed before you make your page online. This type of SEO rules are formally called On-page SEO. And this is a kind of a permanent SEO adjustment of your website or blog. you can’t change them anytime you want.

So you have to follow those tips very carefully!

1. Once more time re-check your blogs title, description. Its spellings, alignments etc. and make sure all your links are working fine and have no error page.

2. Do not use robot.txt for cowling your site as much as possible.

3. Must use some HTML static content in your site design.

4. Use meta tags for your site.

5. Use best match keywords to your site title on your meta keyword section. Try Google Adword keyword Research Tools to find best keywords.

6. Submit your site in search engine directories. Read their rules, terms and conditions carefully before submitting.

7. Make sure you have putted an ‘alt’ tag for every image.

8. Check your page loading time using Google webmaster Tool.

9. Do not use any short forms of keyword.

10. Do not use very small size fonts in your typing.

Please feel free to leave your comment if you have any question, comment or suggestion!

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seo services in australia said...

Thanks so much and stick with it No doubt you will definitely reach your goals! Have a great day!

seo services in australia

Johny Depp said...

Great tips. It is very important to keep yourself updated with what Google updates its algorithm. Because even if you think you're doing SEO right, it may harm your website.

Thanks for sharing the good information.
Best Regards,
Make Money Online

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