5 Common & Impotent HTML Tags For On-Page SEO

An HTML page includes many tags to describe different action of commands. But some of them are very important to search engines. SE look up information about your page/content using that tags.
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When you are building a page content or post, it’s very important to make sure that you are following the correct rules of using HTML tags. Because search engines will define your post by using this tags. If you do not maintain those tags, SE will not get enough information on your page and avoid it to show in search result page.

5 Must use HTML tags are:

Title Tag
<meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='title'/>
on page title tag
Nothing to explain about it, you must know this is almost everything for your content. Your prospective visitors will see it first. If they found it sounds good, then they will read your full post.

The good news is as you are using blogger platform, you don’t need to manually set HTML tags for your titles. The blogger interface will automatically adjusted it from your post title. All you need is just to chose a good and suitable post title.

Meta Description Tag
<meta content='DESCRIPTION' name='description'/>

This is a very important HTML tag. This tag describes your website to the search engines. You will need to set it up once in a entire time. You don’t need to set this tag for every post.

Header tags
on page header tag

This kinds of tags describes different sections of a webpage using that section head keywords. This tags will be automatically sated up by blogger whenever you make you page or posts online.

Anchor Text Links
(a href=”link”)
on page link tag
This tag will describe your links to search engines whether it is Do follow, No follow or inbound or out bound. So this tag is very important! Always set your internal links as Do follow.

Image alt Attributes
alt=”image description
on page image attribute tag

This tags used to describes any individual image of your page. You should know, search engines can’t read any image. So they need any other clue about your image to explain it to the visitors. If you do not use image alt attributes, then SE will avoid your images from being indexed.

Do you have any confusion or question about this topic? Please feel free to ask me in comment section bellow!

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