What Is SEO Friendly URL Structure & How To Do It?

A match domain name with your keywords is always a very good idea. If you do have this you will get some extra preferences from search engines.
blogger URL structures
But now it is almost impossible to find a available match domain name as we want, so now what? Nothing to worry about! Search engines upgraded themselves a lot. They don’t need exact domain match to rate your website. So, what they need now?

Yes, they can track your every individual post URL to rate contents. All you need to be some extra careful when you are generating your post url.

I know blogger has automatically generate the url from your post title, but I am telling this for those who like to shorten their url or use some scripts to generate custom url. Please be noted, shorten url will not give you any positive SEO support at all.

Now let’s have a look at those examples:

www . mainkeyword . com/category-page-keyword [Perfect ]

www . mainkeyword . com/p?452 [Uncompleted]
URL structures variations
you can ask me, what will happen by this variation? See those examples carefully. From the first url You can easily figure out what this page about. But from the second one, you will not be interested to click on. Because you don’t even know what this page is about or what will be inside it!

This is the variation. A good url can easily convince you visitors to read your post.

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