7 Things Should Have Into Your Mind When Doing Keyword Research!

Keyword research is a very important part in SEO. Your win or loss are mostly depends on this. If you can use the perfect keywords on your content/article then search engines will give you the priority. And you know what will happen when search engine gives you the priority.
run in competition
OK. Here I have find out 7 key points to make it easier:

1. Brainstorming
Once you get into the market, your competition will began. So,  Make it sure which market you are targeting like Local, Domestic or International! Learn more about your target market, how they reacts or their cultures even their shopping or online surfing style etc. as a say, Americans browse a product to buy it and Asians browse a product to have some ideas about the product.

2. Arrange your Thoughts
You must already have thought something about. Now just put them in a arrangement and make some keyword sets according to SE search term. Be noted, you can do this also after research.

3. Research
Go for action. Type a seed keyword on Google Adword or type your website address to start finding best relevant keywords. Once you press search button you will get some keyword idea including keywords popularity, competition power, monthly search volume etc.
Google Adword Tool

4. Compile
Now get the selected ideas in one place. Export your selected keywords to a excel spread sheet. You can re-categorize the keywords here if you want.

5. Remove
It’s time to shrink your list. Remove the non-relevant phrases and those keywords which have a very small search count from the list. Be extra careful in this step, don’t lose any important keywords.

6. Determine Competitiveness
Have look on your list again. Some keywords are generating high search count and also have high competition. Then some keywords are generating average search count and have fairly competition. Think those factors and decide which way you wants to go with, high competition and high search count or else? Take your time. My suggestion is select keywords that have average search count but competitions are low.

7. Lock your Target
You are almost done. Now you have your keywords which was needed. Use keywords on your article as you need according to the following:

=> Search Counts
=> Relevancy to your website/blog
=> Competitiveness level

Thank you to have passion and read this article. if you do have any question, you may leave it to the comment section for me.
And don’t go anywhere, more article about keyword research to come!

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